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In September 2004 the Center for Anthroposophy began active collaboration with the Research Institute for Waldorf Education (RIWE). The Institute publishes twice a year a Research Bulletin, edited by Elan Leibner, and manages the Online Waldorf Library (OWL). The Research Institute is also responsible for the publication of books and materials under the imprimatur of "Waldorf Publications". More generally, the Research Institute fosters research related to Waldorf education and child development, as well as collaborating with other pedagogical research organizations worldwide.

CfA is affiliated with a number of other local, regional, and national organizations and schools that focus on shared goals and support CfA’s mission.

The association Friends of Waldorf Education supports initiatives striving to educate children in ways which will enable them to take active part in shaping the future. Founded in 1971, they want to advance Rudolf Steiner’s educational impulses worldwide and, as well, to support all attempts to ensure freedom in education. 

Today there are more than 1.000 Waldorf Schools, 2.000 Waldorf Kindergartens, 600 remedial education institutions, over 100 Teacher Training Centres of Waldorf Education and a large number of social work institutions. More than 200 projects per year in around 70 countries are sponsored and consulted by the Friends of Waldorf Education. They pass every contribution directly to the project without keeping any comission for their administrative work. 

Lilipoh Magazine is a quarterly wellness magazine specializing in the anthroposophic approach to life, spanning topics such as Waldorf education, naturopathic medicine, biodynamic farming, the arts, community and more. Today is a website and online newsletter dedicated to bringing news and sharing resources pertaining to Waldorf Education.

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