Waldorf Continuing Education and Waldorf Professional Development

The Center for Anthroposophy offers various courses for Waldorf continuing education and Waldorf professional development. Most basic of these are Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy and the Arts, which are usually organized in cluster groupings around the country. Most clusters are held on the East Coast––from Freeport, Maine in the Northeast to Nashville, Tennessee in the Southeast––but some have been held as far west as Arizona and California. For details of Foundation Studies clusters being offered this year, click here. 

Beyond Foundation Studies, the Center offers Waldorf continuing education and professional development at the graduate level for early childhood educators and elementary school teachers at the Waldorf Teacher Education Program at Antioch University New England in Keene NH. High school teachers can apply to the Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program sponsored by the Center for Anthroposophy in Wilton NH. 

For experienced teachers there are annual one-week Renewal Courses, also sponsored each summer by the Center, offering a wide range of academic, artistic, and practical courses. For a complete catalogue of course descriptions, click here.

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"My expectations were exceeded in the sense of understanding more and taking away more that I would have expected given my lack of success in penetrating Steiner when studying on my own."

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