New Line-up for Renewal Courses in 2013

Posted December 03, 2012

Several new presenters will be joining the roster of faculty during the next round of week-long Renewal Courses. Karine Munk Finser, Coordinator of Renewal Courses, outlines prospects for a busy and stellar Summer 2013.

Preparations for our 14th year of Renewal Courses in Wilton, New Hampshire are well underway. Here is a sneak preview of the line-up for June and July 2013.  More courses will be announced soon, so please check in with us often on our websi

Week 1: Sunday 23 June to Friday 28 June 2013

Christof Wiechert will return with a special focus on “Autism and Integrating Children” with a variety of needs in the Waldorf classroom in his advanced Child Studies for Educators course. 

Margot Amrine and Elena Efimova are bringing “Russian Spiritualty: Intimations of a Future Epoch”. This course will include masterpieces of art, music, and literature.

Elizabeth Auer will help prepare 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teachers in a course entitled “Romans, Renaissance, and Revolutions: Academic Learning through Hands-on-Curricula for Grades 6, 7, and 8”. Teachers can enrich their specific grade doing mosaics, veiling, Japanese Sumi painting, clay modeling of the human head, geometric pastel drawing, and more.

Laura Summer will offer “Painting from the Face of God: Devotional Painting in the 21st Century”. Through color, we will reach for the divine and find a creative relationship to the path of love.

Frederick Amrine with Elena Efimova will bring a course on “The Threefold Social Organism: Rudolf Steiner as a Social Activist”. This seminar will not only help participants understand the living context and potential of this larger movement for social renewal but also allow them to  envision further innovations that might grow from this seed.

Eleanor Winship will offer “Experiencing Music as a Path to the Spirit: Singing through the Grades”, a course that will support both music teachers and the daily life of the Waldorf classroom.

Wendy Bruneau has laid out an artistic and practical path for bringing Shakespeare to Adolescents: “Who Is It That Can Tell Me Who I Am?” This course will inspire High School drama teachers but upper elementary teachers may benefit from this rich guidance.

Lorey Johnson and Kati Manning are presenting “World Languages: Active Learning and Awakening the Intellect in Grades 4, 5, and 6”. All languages are welcomed!

Rudiger Janisch and Penelope Baring will bring an in-depth course entitled “From Meditative Work to Outer Deeds: A Path of Service through the General Anthroposophical Section and the First Class”.

Regine Kurek and Linda Larson will offer “The Book of Life: A Journey through Crisis and Turning Points”. This biography workshop includes eurythmy, painting, and drawing.

Peter Snow returns with a course entitled “The Teacher’s Greatest Tool: The Art of Storytelling in the Classroom”.

Week 2: Sunday 30 June to Friday 5 July 2013

Michaela Gloeckler brings us “Destiny in Health and Illness and the Development of Consciousness and Conscience”. This course will include daily tone eurythmy.

Janene Ping has chosen “Peacemaker Spirit: Honoring Native American Image through Puppetry Arts” as her theme. Participants will work artistically with the genii loci, the spirit of place.

Eugene Schwartz is offering “Severance, Storm, and Serenity: Grades 3, 4, and 5 in the Waldorf School Setting”.

Chuck Andrade, finally returning to Wilton, brings “Color, Value, Form: A Threefold Approach to Pictorial Imagery”.

Paul Matthews and Patrice Pinette will offer a poetry course, “With Grace and Gravity: Creative Writing in the Play of Opposites”, accompanied by Eurythmy and Spacial Dynamics.

Aonghus Gordon and Craftsmen are returning with “Thinking With Our Hands: Mastering Material; Mastering the Self”.


We are very much looking forward to welcoming you next summer. You are encouraged to sign up early, especially if you are seeking a single room!

Eurythmy Spring Valley will return to Wilton for a performance on July 3rd in the Pine Hill Auditorium. We can also tell you that Christof Wiechert, Eugene Schwartz, and Michaela Gloeckler will offer evening lectures, and there’ll be lovely music and great food!

We are looking forward to sharing Renewal with you.

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