For those seeking to deepen their understanding of the life of spirit through study, exercises in self-development, and the practice of the arts. Groups meet typically twice a month in clusters around the country and are open to all interested in this work.


The program includes:

  • study, including practical exercises
  • artistic activities that are transformative in nature
  • direct experiences of life in a Waldorf school and other cultural initiatives arising from the work of Rudolf Steiner

For those preparing to educate adolescents in the sciences, the humanities, or a full range of the arts. Designed for those already teaching or working full-time, this part-time program involves three “summer intensives” in Wilton, New Hampshire plus independent studies including mentored research and an internship. Specializations are offered in:


  • Biology/Earth Science
  • English/Literature
  • Eurythmy
  • Foreign Languages
  • History/Social Studies
  • Physics/Chemistry
  • Mathematics/Computer Studies

For trained eurythmists readying themselves to teach in a Waldorf high school. At present this program forms part of the High School Teacher Education Program (described above), and includes concentrated sessions of mentoring during the year in Waldorf schools across North America.


For those wishing to rejuvenate their Waldorf teaching or to renew their work with anthroposophy. Courses, each running five days, are offered in late June and early July. Themes vary from year to year but always include courses in the arts, the craft of teaching, and the many practical applications of the life and work of Rudolf Steiner.

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What students are saying

"My expectations were exceeded in the sense of understanding more and taking away more that I would have expected given my lack of success in penetrating Steiner when studying on my own."

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