cfa_houseing4There are two dorm buildings labeled “BOY’S DORM” and “GIRL’S DORM”. Refer to the Campus Map below to see where they are located. During the summer, adult students are not separated by gender and you may choose a room in either building.

  • Do not register and pay for the room unless you are certain (from the charts below) that a room is still available! If you are unable to find a space, we have an extensive list of wonderful people in our community who rent rooms in their homes to our students. Most include access to kitchen and laundry, which can help with the cost of meals, and many are within walking distance to campus. FOR A LIST OF LOCAL COMMUNITY HOUSING OPTIONS, PLEASE CALL 603-654-2566 OR EMAIL .
  • While we will make every effort to assign you a room of your choice, we cannot guarantee it.
  • In order to accommodate as many attendees as possible, CfA will assign all shared rooms to insure that two people occupy each room. You are welcome to request a particular room, but will likely be moved if there is a shared room available with only one occupant. We will be glad to accommodate any roommate requests if two people register at the same time.
  • All bookings are processed in the order they were received.
  • We are unable to make “reservations” or hold the room for later. The only way to secure your room is through the online registration / payment process.
  • WHAT TO DO UPON ARRIVAL: Please find your name on the room list posted in the lobby of each dorm building and the corresponding room number (this may be different than the room you have originally selected), find your room and settle in.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Under no circumstances are you permitted to switch rooms without prior authorization from CfA office – 603-654-2566 or
  • Due to a limited number of dorm rooms (beds) available, each participant may book only one bed, whether it be in a single or shared occupancy room. No single individual may book and pay for both beds in a shared room! Thank you for your understanding and consideration!
  • Many of the dorm rooms have elevated beds. I you have a physical limitation that requires a lower bed or a room on the first floor, please let us know well before your arrival by calling 603-654-2566.
HighMowingCampus1. Choose a room on one of the floor plans below:



GirlsDorm_2ndFL2. Check room availability:





3. Once you find an available room you would like to book, please write down the room number and enter it for:
  • Renewal Courses here
  • Renewal Courses with Payment Plan here
  • Antioch & CfA High School Teacher Education programs here
 4. Disclaimer:

While we will make every effort to assign you a room of your choice, we cannot guarantee it, as rooms are assigned according to the date & time registrations are received.

5. Off-Campus Housing:

Should we run out of rooms in the on-campus dorms or should you prefer to stay off campus, we have compiled a list of Housing Options offered by people in our community. Contact the office at for access to this list. Once you receive the list you negotiate directly with the housing provider. If a group is booking space together our hosts prefer to negotiate only with one person representing the group.

In addition there are on-line hosting sites of people offering space in their homes.

At first glance these sites might seem expensive, but negotiating a lower price for a longer stay worked for at least one student!

This student went on to the Airbnb site and found a host in Wilton, then negotiated with that host for a lower per day price that included room & breakfast, a small fee for dinners and access to the refrigerator for keeping luncheon foods. The whole package came out to be less expensive than on campus housing and meals.

Here is a list of on-line hosting sites:





(PLEASE NOTE: The Center for Anthroposophy takes no responsibility for off-campus housing.)