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Center for AnthroposophyThe Foundation Studies Program comprises three distinct but interrelated elements:

1) study of the basic books of Rudolf Steiner, including How to Know Higher Worlds, Theosophy, An Outline of Esoteric Science, and Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path: A Philosophy of Freedom

2) cultivation of artistic activities that are transformative in nature, such as speech, drama, music, eurythmy, painting, drawing, woodwork, sculpture, and more

3) some experience of life in a Waldorf school as well as other cultural initiatives arising from the work of Rudolf Steiner

Our program is uniquely organized into clusters that meet in places where interested students are congregated, rather than at a central campus. Typically, these programs are housed in Waldorf schools or other centers of anthroposophical activity.

Within a broad outline, each cluster is custom-designed to meet the needs and particular interests of the communities in which it is held. Most clusters are offered on the East Coast – from Maine to Florida – but we have also organized groups elsewhere on the continent in response to their initiative.