Center for Anthroposophy has developed two kinds of programs in Foundation Studies:

Foundation Studies Clusters

The clusters consist of students in the same geographic area who meet regularly in guided group sessions that combine a variety of both intellectual and artistic offerings. A minimum of 15 people is needed to form a “cluster”. Program locations change as courses are completed and new programs start. To date, courses have been offered in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Washington D.C. Students are encouraged to participate in clusters as they will benefit from the group activity and a designed program.


Meeting times vary but typically are scheduled every other week from September to May. An expanded version may include several weekend workshops, consisting of a two-hour lecture on Friday followed by a daytime workshop on Saturday.

Individual Mentoring Program

This program takes place under the guidance of a selected mentor sponsored by the Center for Anthroposophy. Student will combine independent reading with journal work providing a starting point of conversations with mentor. In addition, the participants are encouraged to explore watercolor painting, drawing and recorder playing as practiced in Waldorf Schools. The mentor may be helpful in arranging a visit to the nearest Waldorf school. Throughout this course students meet with mentors no less than 16 hours. Tuition is $1,200.


In our all-too-busy lives both of these programs are offered close to home, on a part time basis and at a reasonable cost. Participants typically include parents, teachers preparing for Waldorf training, school board members, community members, teaching assistants and volunteers.

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"My expectations were exceeded in the sense of understanding more and taking away more that I would have expected given my lack of success in penetrating Steiner when studying on my own."

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