Atlanta Waldorf School, Decatur, GA

Sara Walsh

Laira Covert

Jim McClurkin

Eleanor Winship

Barbara Richardson

Emerson Waldorf School, Chapel Hill, NC

Douglas Gerwin

Margaret Heath

Eve Olive

Merlin Walberg

Hartsbrook Waldorf  School, Hadley, MA

Lynn Thurrell

Polly Saltet

Douglas Gerwin

Michael Howard

Nathaniel Williams

Jean & Marietta Yeager

Merriconeag Waldorf School, Freeport, ME

Craig Giddens

Sara Hyde

Barbara Richardson

Jason Donahue

Lisa Edge

Diane Ingraham Barnes

Douglas Gerwin

Waldorf School of Lexington, Lexington, MA

Arthur Auer

Hilary Hafner

Katrin Kaeufer

Helena Niiva-Sawyer

Julia Polter

Barbara Richardson

Rick Spaulding

Elizabeth Trocki

Linden Waldorf School, Nashville, TN

Gary Banks

Craig Giddens

Michael Howard

Barbara Richardson

Rick Spaulding

Carol Triggiano

Nathaniel Williams


The Foundation Studies Cluster and Independent Mentorship Programs also engage other faculty in the locations where the programs are held.

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"My expectations were exceeded in the sense of understanding more and taking away more that I would have expected given my lack of success in penetrating Steiner when studying on my own."

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