Students may apply for tuition aid as part of their application to the high school program. Grants are typically awarded in the first year and distributed over the second and third year tuition bills. Further details are available upon request by contacting the Center for Anthroposophy.


Three forms of tuition assistance are available to students enrolled in the Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program:

Waldorf Fellowships

Waldorf Fellowships are outright grants, which the Center for Anthroposophy awards to promising candidates who need financial support to meet the costs of tuition.

Loan-to-Grant Program

Loan-to-grant program begins as a loan issued by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) and administered by the Center for Anthroposophy. Students who successfully complete the Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program and begin (or return to) teaching in a Waldorf school will have one-third of this loan converted to grant after each of three years of their employment at an AWSNA member school.

Matching Grant Program

Matching grant program for Waldorf teachers requires the financial participation of the AWSNA-affiliated school where the applicant is currently teaching. The school decides on the amount it wishes to contribute to supporting a teacher’s training and AWSNA matches that amount up to $3,000. Applicants need to attach to their application a “Letter of Commitment” from their school, listing the exact amount their school has committed to giving. The number of awards each year is limited by the amount of money AWSNA has available for matching

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