Our Renewal Courses are offered annually at the end of June and the beginning of July, at High Mowing School, 222 Isaac Frye Hwy in Wilton, NH. These two weeks of five-day retreats are for Waldorf teachers and anyone seeking personal rejuvenation and social renewal through anthroposophical study, artistic immersion, good food, and fun.
Renewal 2018 Dates:
Week I: Sunday, June 24 to Friday, June 29  
Week II: Sunday, July 1 to Friday, July 6 
Renewal Courses are designed and intended to be a deeper immersion in the chosen topic and thus only one course per week is selected. 
Please make sure to indicate your second choice on the registration form.

TUITION IS NOW INCLUDING MORNING SNACK  (scholarships available upon request)


  • On campus housing in the dorms: Single occupancy rooms @ $190 a week or shared (mostly double) occupancy rooms at $140. Please check our Dorm Room Booking page for availability before registering and paying for a room! Should there be no rooms left when you are registering please call 603-654-2566 for assistance with local community housing.
  • A variety of meal plans are available, please see the registration form for details
The will for freedom becomes the concern of the seeker of the spirit. This will for freedom is possessed by everyone who finds the support and basis for all he does in himself.   –– Rudolf Steiner


Dear Friends,

More than ever are we thrown back nowadays on ourselves, experiencing the necessity to seek  balance between the inner and outer compulsions which threaten human freedom. The I-forces that d4a330a4-1a0b-4312-ac52-756fc095ef52ultimately help bring balance and healing live in the warmth of the will, and through this warmth we can find bridges to one another. When we come together we may hear our own voice speak forth in someone else, and we may experience a re-igniting of our impulses and courage for life. These Renewal Courses were created for that purpose.

We believe that teachers who are connected in this way to their ideals and passion for life make the most creative and happy teachers!….

Our 2018 Renewal Courses line up is almost ready and we are excited to share it with you soon!!

With warmest wishes,