2018 Renewal Courses Poster

Week 1: June 24th to June 29th

Become a Facilitator in the Child Study: Deepening Our Understanding of the Young Unfolding Human Being

With Christof Wiechert

Grade 1: Once Upon a Time… The Journey Begins!

With Regine Shemroske

Grade 2: Noble Knights are We! 

With Robert Lanier

Grade 3: Living and Growing on the Earth: Transforming Guests into Hosts

With Shannon Wiley

Grade 4: What are We Now? Gods, Goddesses, Giants, Gnomes, Human or Animal

With Christopher Sblendorio

Grade 5: The Turning Point…the final Glory of Childhood: The Youngster as Self-Learner at Last!

With Patrice Maynard

Grade 6: The World as Seen by a Roman, Experienced by a Knight

With Lynn Thurrell

Grade 7: In the Face of Gross Disrespect and Indifference

Alison Henry

Grade 8: Revolutions, Discoveries, and Justice

With Helena Niiva

Color, Value, and Form: Compositional Exercises in Pastel

With Charles Andrade


Week 2: July 1st to July 6th

Our Sensitive Children on the Autism Spectrum: Spiritual and Practical Approaches  

With Dr. Lakshmi Prassana

The Elemental School: Learning to speak with Nature

With Karsten Masseii

Exploring Star Wisdom: Cosmic Evolution, Biography, and Birth Charts

With Brian Gray

Fundamentals of Anthroposophy: Observation, Contemplation, and Self Development

With Signe Motter and  and the Faculty of CfA

The Roadmap to Literacy: Creating an Artistic and Effective Language Arts Curriculum in the Lower Grades

With Janet Langley

Strengthening the Whole Class: Foundations for Academic Progress

With Jeff Tunkey

The Art of Teaching Mixed and Combined Grades: A Focus on the Lower Grades

With Scott Lower

The Art of Teaching Mixed and Combined Grades: A Focus on the Upper Grades

With Ian Chittenden

Projective Geometry

With Jamie York

Living Thinking

With Michael D’Aleo

Communication and Dispute Resolution

With John Cunningham, Cat Gilliam and Barbara Richardson 

Working with Polarities in Copper and Iron: Experiencing Empathy between Sympathy and Antipathy

With Daniel and Colleen O’Connors

Veilpainting Techniques: Finding the Light

With Charles Andrade

Many of the courses will be complemented by one or more of the following:

Eurythmy with Cezary Ciaglo

Originally from Poland, Cezary was 10 years old when he was sent to public ballet school in Warsaw.  There, living apart from his family, he studied for nine years, followed Cezaryby 10 years working as a dancer with the Grand Theatre of Warsaw.  In his early 20s, Cezary developed an interest in anthroposophy and, in 1986, went to Hanover, Germany to learn eurythmy.  After five years of study, Cezary brought this art form to Poland, becoming the first Polish eurythmist since WWII. After several years teaching eurythmy in Poland’s public and private schools (including Waldorf), Cezary moved to the US in the early 90s, working at Waldorf schools in Olympia, WA, and Keene, NH.  He has also been a long-time Adjunct Faculty member at Antioch New England’s Waldorf Teacher Education program. An active member of the Anthroposophical Society for the last 30 years, Cezary’s passions include magic and fencing.

Sciences with Roberto Trostli

rt.photo copyRoberto Trostli has been active in Waldorf education for thirty-five years as a class teacher, high school teacher, and adult educator.  Early in his career, he developed a particular love for teaching the physical sciences, and he wrote Physics is Fun!, soon to be re-published as Physics the Waldorf Way. Over the years Roberto has worked at Sunbridge College, and served as the director of the Research Institute for Waldorf Education. Most recently he just finished teaching second grade at Richmond Waldorf School.


Music with David Gable

page15image19160David Gable holds degrees in music performance from the University of Michigan School of Music and Boston University’s School of Fine Arts, as well as a Master of Education degree with Waldorf certification from Antioch New England Graduate School. He worked for several years as a freelance violinist in the Boston area before transitioning into Waldorf education.

Since 1988 he has been on the faculty of the Waldorf School of Cape Cod, where he has taught the eight-year main lesson cycle three times in addition to developing and teaching a choral and instrumental music program for the upper grades.