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Our Sensitive Children on the Autism Spectrum: Spiritual and Practical Approaches  

With Dr. Lakshmi Prassana

The Elemental School: Learning to speak with Nature

With Karsten Masseii

Exploring Star Wisdom: Cosmic Evolution, Biography, and Birth Charts

With Brian Gray

Fundamentals of Anthroposophy: Observation, Contemplation, and Self Development

With Signe Motter and  and the Faculty of CfA

The Roadmap to Literacy: Creating an Artistic and Effective Language Arts Curriculum in the Lower Grades

With Janet Langley

Strengthening the Whole Class: Foundations for Academic Progress

With Jeff Tunkey

The Art of Teaching Mixed and Combined Grades: A Focus on the Lower Grades

With Scott Lower

The Art of Teaching Mixed and Combined Grades: A Focus on the Upper Grades

With Ian Chittenden

Projective Geometry

With Jamie York

Living Thinking

With Michael D’Aleo

Communication and Dispute Resolution

With John Cunningham, Cat Gilliam and Barbara Richardson 

Working with Polarities in Copper and Iron: Experiencing Empathy between Sympathy and Antipathy

With Daniel and Colleen O’Connors

Veilpainting Techniques: Finding the Light

With Charles Andrade