In case we would run out of dorm rooms and for those who would rather find off-campus housing, we have compiled a list of 2015 Housing Options offered by people in our community. Contact the office at for access to this list and for further assistance in finding a place to stay.

In addition there are on-line hosting sites of people offering space in their homes.

At first glance these sites might seem expensive, but negotiating a lower price for a longer stay worked for at least one student!

This student went on to the Airbnb site and found a host in Wilton, then negotiated with that host for a lower per day price that includes room & breakfast, a small fee for dinners and access to the refrigerator for keeping luncheon foods. The whole package came out to be less expensive than on campus housing and meals.

Here is a list of on-line hosting sites:





PLEASE NOTE: The Center for Anthroposophy does not endorse or assume responsibility for any of the off-campus housing and/or child-care providers.
All information is provided solely for CfA / Antioch programs participants convenience.
Commercial Area Housing  

There are a number of B&Bs and lodging opportunities in the greater Wilton area. It would be best to google for information, but here are some suggestions of places that people have stayed in the past:  

 Childcare & Summer Camps