Welcome to the Application page of the Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program (WHiSTEP):

You can complete the first stage of this process online by filling out the form below and submitting it with an application fee of $75.00.

Support documentation (resume, college transcripts, references, photo, application essay, and foundation studies questionnaire) may be uploaded with this application, or alternatively, you can mail them to:

Douglas Gerwin, Director Center for Anthroposophy,  P.O. Box 545, Wilton, NH 03086

Once we have received all of your support documentation, we will contact you to arrange a personal or telephone interview before your application is submitted for final review.

Candidates accepted into the Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program will be notified by mail within two weeks of their interview. Successful candidates will then be asked to submit a Confirmation of Enrollment along with a registration fee of $850.00, which constitutes a first portion of the first summer’s tuition.

Please review the schedule of tuition payments and financial aid options, and contact Milan Daler, Administrator of the Center for Anthroposophy (milan@centerforanthroposophy.org) with any related questions.

Please note: New three-summers cycles of the Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program (WHiSTEP) begin each July. Early application is advised to ensure that your preferred areas of specialization are available to you.

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