1. Before ordering and paying for a dorm room please visit our DORM ROOM BOOKING page and make sure that the room you wish to book is available in the weeks you need. While there, you will be able to select a particular room and then enter the selected room number further down on this registration form.

2. Should there be no dorm rooms left, please e-mail or call 603-654-2566 for assistance. We will provide you with a list of community housing options and hotels.

The First year students are eligible for placement in on campus dormitories and are encouraged, if interested, to sign up here upon enrollment. (High School Program students please select the 4-week option)

The Second and Third year students are not guaranteed placement in the dorms and typically stay off-campus in private homes our community offers for rent. The Housing Options list is compiled and updated annually and then e-mailed to all returning students by the beginning of February, or it is available upon request from or by calling 603-654-2566.

Although returning students may request to be put on a Wait List for a dorm room, it is advised that they make a serious effort to find off-campus housing first, as soon as the Housing Options list is published. Those on the Wait List are requested to inquire again no sooner than June 15th whether or not there will be an opening. 

If you will not have a car,  some community homes offered are within walking distance. Call early! We kindly request that those with cars take the housing offered further from campus. Thank you for being considerate!


2017 Rates:Boy's dorm bedroom

  • 3 weeks single – $555.00
  • 3 weeks shared – $405.00
  • 4 weeks single – $740.00
  • 4 weeks shared – $540.00

There will be a room assignment list posted in the lobby of the Main Building as well as in the CfA campus office in the Science Building.  Please check-in with the CfA office before going to your dorm room.

Arrival times: Four-week students may move into the dorms on July 2, 2017 anytime after 11:00am and three-week students on July 9th, 2016 anytime after 11:00am.

Departure: On the morning of Saturday, the 29th of July please strip your bed linens and leave them in the pillow case in the hallway by your door. It is a good idea to have your belongings packed and be ready for departure after the graduation lunch.

Late departures: Should you need to stay an extra night, you must let the CfA Campus Office (not High Mowing staff) know no later than July 21st and pay $50. You also need to post a note on your door letting the cleaning staff know that you are staying an extra night. The room must be vacated no later than 8:00am on Sunday, July 30th. 

We have two dorm buildings labeled “BOY’S DORM” and “GIRL’S DORM”. Refer to the Campus map to see where they are located. During the summer, adult students are not separated by gender and you may find yourself in either building. There will be room assignment lists and room location maps posted in the front entryway of each dorm. Please DO NOT SWITCH rooms, the work of assigning rooms is very complex and any change will have a “domino effect” causing enormous confusion and extensive paperwork. Please let us know of any personal constraints well before arriving on campus. For instance, if you are unable to climb stairs easily, we will make sure that you are assigned a room on the first floor.

The dorms have 2 bathrooms on each floor. Each room has at least one window, a bed, and desk with chair, a dresser & closet for each occupant. There is one overhead light, but no desk or reading lamps. Each bed has a pillow, sheets (mixed blend) & one blanket. One bath towel per person is provided (not to be used at the pool).

Each Dorm Building has a small kitchen with electric tea kettle, microwave oven and a household size refrigerator. When using the fridge please mark your food with your name and be sure to clean out everything upon departure.

There are coin-operated washing machines and dryers in each dorm building. Please bring a supply of quarters.

(By order of the Fire Marshall None of the dorms or dorm rooms can be locked. Please keep this in mind when deciding what to bring with you.)

We look forward to your arrival!


Meals are served Monday through Friday (see detailed calendar here)with the exception of the Renewal week opening Sunday and the Teacher Training convocation Sunday when dinners are served, and of Graduation Saturday when breakfast and a festive lunch is served. Please check the 2017 Meal times calendar.

  • Breakfasts are a full buffet of diner style selectionsFood: Plate
  • Snacks are baked goods, fruit, juices, coffee, tea
  • Lunches typically feature soup, bread, several choices of main courses, salad bar & frequent dessert
  • Dinners are lighter meals, soups & salads.

Our kitchen staff uses mostly organic and/or bio-dynamic produce and will accommodate various diets upon request. You may contact them at 603 654-9408 ext. 114 or with specific diet questions. Vegetarian option is always available. ALL MEAL PLANS MUST BE ORDERED AND PREPAID BEFORE ARRIVING ON CAMPUS

When ordering your meals you will be able to select any or all options in either 3 or 4-week plan:

3-WEEK PLAN (TT only)

  • 16 Breakfasts  $156
  • 15 Mid-Morning Snacks $92.25
  • 16 Lunches $276
  • 16 Dinners $212
  • All meals $736.25

4-WEEK PLAN (TT + Renewal week)

  • 21 Breakfasts $204.75
  • 20 Mid-Morning Snacks $123
  • 21 Lunches $362.25
  • 22 Dinners $291.50
  • All meals $981.50

Though not encouraged, single meals may be purchased in the dining hall. (Honor system using unmanned cash-box for cash and checks made out to High Mowing School, or self-checking iPad kiosk using your credit card.)

Hilltop Cafe front doorThose staying on campus on weekends may visit our local favorite Hilltop Cafe just a short walk away on a working Bio-dynamic Temple-Wilton Community Farm

GRADUATION LUNCH FOR VISITING FAMILY & FRIENDS MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE NO LATER THAN JULY 25th in the dining hall. (Honor system using unmanned cash-box for cash and checks made out to High Mowing School, or self-checking iPad kiosk using your credit card.)

2017 Meal times



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